Business Massage in Charleston, SC

One of the biggest trends in employee wellness is offering on-site business massage services. While there are a number of massage therapists that that provide chair massages locally, Lauren takes her service one step further; providing full table, massage therapy, at work!

That’s right! If you are going to treat your employees, treat them to the very best! On a massage table your body can fully relax enabling you to get the most from a 10-15 minute session. In a chair your back never fully relaxes, and due to the seated position, it’s difficult to target the lower back (most common area of pain). So, why settle for a chair massage when you could have a full table?

Lauren will work with your business to set up a schedule that fits you, and your employee’s needs. Generally speaking, Lauren can accommodate 4, 10m sessions per hour, or 3, 15m sessions (leaving room for cleaning & turnover). Contact Lauren today to figure out a schedule that works for your team!


Rates & Appointment Setting