General Wellness

Autoimmune Health

In autoimmune conditions, the lymphatic system plays a role in regulating the immune response. It helps to identify and eliminate abnormal or self-reactive immune cells, which can contribute to inflammation throughout the body.
I use a protocol designed by Dr. Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain in combination with Vodder style Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which will allow me to work slowly and efficiently to help regulate the lymphatic system and decrease pain the best way possible. 

Digestive Health

The lymphatic system plays a big role in your digestive system. When your body isn’t breaking down nutrients correctly, the abdomen will bloat and swell. Manual lymphatic drainage will help regulate this better, push fluid to the appropriate lymph nodes, and allow for a more comfortable feeling. 

Healthy Lymphatic System

If you do not have any major concerns, manual lymphatic drainage can help detox your body, making you have more energy, feel lighter and help with bloating.

Other Indications

Sinus issues
Skin rashes ( eczema, acne, rosacia) 
Postpartum swelling

Lymes disease

Hormonal imbalances 

Chronic inflammation